About Us

"it is a wonderful feeling to transmit emotions through our creations, especially when you realize that people have used the space exactly the way you felt!"

At Chesterfield you are a mix of style, artistic vision, high quality, long-lasting materials, innovation and skilled craftsmanship. Our team of designers, engineers and craftsmen work together to create furniture that combine exquisitematerial, patented technology and elegant finishes to deliver the best in comfort and functionality.

Chesterfield furniture begins with an evolution towards perfection on the drawing board, followed by an exhaustive research into the selection of the materials that will be used. Each unique piece of furniture offered is not only an aesthetic masterwork, it is engineered to sustain many years of regular use.

In every phase of production beginning with design, where harmony, proportions and colors are carefully studied, the concern is the same : quality. This process carries through production all the way to the final assembly where every detail is of utmost importance.

Chesterfield can give to every setting the unmistakable mark of its own lifestyle The connecting strand of the chesterfield world has always been eclecticism, an innate ability to maintain a strong identity while adapting to the most diverse of requirements, interpreting the evolution of those that share our values, without reneging our own luxurious and exclusive character.

What we do


We predominantly draw from your requirement of space and finctionality to create furniture that is unique and impeccable to your taste and personality.


Our design team measures the spaces at your site and shares the final design blueprint for your approval.


Our execution team ebsures care and precision and systematically creates each component, We then assemble it in-house to ensure it looks and works perfectly. And finally we install all site within 24 hours.